We don’t want to get too legal with Terms and Conditions, we like to keep it simple. 
But, we need to make sure that you and CreateMyMobileWebsite.info 
are both in agreement to some simple things.
  • CreateMyMobileWebsite.info™ runs a cloud based dedicated server pioneered for our cloud based services.
  • CreateMyMobileWebsite.info™ will build your MATRIX Site or any other website / mobile site using the information and pictures you provide us using the Downloadable Form you’ll get from our website. All terms and conditions of MATRIX Site Builds are governed by the information you provide on this form.
  • CreateMyMobileWebsite.info™ do not SELL/TRANSFER/MOVE any data files that have been built on our dedicated server (Cloud).
  • All codes that is directly or indirectly associated to the website created with CreateMyMobileWebsite.info™ remains the intellectual property of CreateMyMobileWebsite.info™ licensed under One Idea Consultancy Ltd (a registered company).
  • Although clients have access to the source code and backend of their sites. However, CreateMyMobileWebsite.info™ reserve the right not to interfere with clients' activities with the source codes or backend 
  • CreateMyMobileWebsite.info™ will build the MATRIX site and present to you for approval before the site goes live.
  • Time is of the essence, a period no longer than 7 to 10 working days shall pass from initial Site Build form receipt by CreateMyMobileWebsite, minor changes and making the site live. Otherwise stated in the other agreements and taken into fact that all necessary data files for the site are sent.
  • CreateMyMobileWebsite.info™ will allow you up to one hour for minor corrections to your website based on the information you have provided us with.
  • Any additions to the site that has not been provided in the initial information, and changes that are not associated to the original information, we hold the right for them to be completed at an additional cost to you after you agree to them and the price.
  • Images and Videos should be properly labeled and of best quality possible. Videos should only be in YouTube or Vimeo, no other formats will be accepted.
  • If there are external links, such as third party applications or websites, CreateMyMobileWebsite.info™ holds no responsibility it’s functionality in conjunction with the MATRIX Site.
  • CreateMyMobileWebsite.info™ will only provide access to the MATRIX Site (which is/can only be on our dedicated and pioneered server) after the site has been made live. Any changes made by the client that result to site damages, malfunction, and the likes, will not be a responsibility of CreateMyMobileWebsite.info™. We will be able to repair the damage at an additional cost.
  • All MATRIX sites will be paid for by either monthly direct debit agreement or full yearly payment prior to the site being made live to the public. (Read more details in our Payment Policy).
  • CreateMyMobileWebsite will commence designing of sites including MATRIX of ten pages and up once a deposit of 50% of the contracted (Setup fee/) price has been paid. All sites will be made live to the public once the remaining 50% of the contract (Setup fee/) price has been paid.
  • All MATRIX sites are to be maintained and paid for a minimum of six months (or otherwise agreement).
  • Additional SEO Services are to be paid on a month by month direct debit basis and for a minimum of three months.
  • All other services including but not limited to logos, marketing materials, design are to be paid for upon completion and then will be delivered to you. However depending on the complexity, CreateMyMobileWebsite.info™ reserves the right to request a 50% deposit on these prior to commencing the development.
  • Failure of direct debit payments will result in you having 7 days to rectify the payment situation of which you will be notified. If the situation is not rectified within 7 days your site will be suspended from public view. If the situation is not rectified within an additional 7 days the site will be terminated.
  • CreateMyMobileWebsite.info™ will use email, Skype chat and text messaging for any form of communication with you.
  • CreateMyMobileWebsite.info™ makes no guarantees that MATRIX or any other of its products or services will increase your business, give you number one Google ranking, increase revenues or cure Global Warming, the Common Cold or create World Peace.
  • At CreateMyMobileWebsite.info™ we expect our staff to be treated with respect, and not subjected to any verbal or written abuse by the customer. If we feel such has occurred, the customer will be advised and we reserve the right to terminate our business with you.
  • All terms and conditions above are subject to change without prior notice.
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